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April Mix / Bitch & Audio Rehab Promo

Posted April 4, 2012 By Phil Conway

Here’s a mix I put together as a promotional demo before I play at Bitch on Easter Sunday at Digital Newcastle, alongside Hardwell, Kim Fai, Kryder, Third Party, Che Armstrong, (with me spinning in the Audio Rehab room with Jordan Fish, Kenny Morrison, & Mike Louth.)


1) Adana Twins – Strange (Original Mix)
2) Dodi Palese – Rolling Spaces (Santorini Mix)
3) Jay Tripwire – 9th Ward (Original Mix)
4) Abyss – Be Free (Original Mix)
5) Andre Crom & Martin Dawson – Gonna Be Alright (Huxley Mix)
6) Karol XVII & MB Valence – The Rusty Piano (Shur-i-kan Mix)
7) Physics & Daisy – Holdin? On (Karol XVII & MB Valence Mix)
8) Sebo K – Mr Duke (Alternative Version)
9) Greg Stainer – Sax is Back (Karol XVII & MB Valence Mix)
10) Marcus Eden – Something I Feel (Dejan Dex Mix)
11) Hector – What The Hec? (Original Mix)
12) Maya Jane Coles – Beat Faster (Original Mix)

december mix

Posted December 18, 2011 By Phil Conway

Here’s a new mix I’ve finished. Feel free to download and stream (click to play in your browser).


1 ) Wally Stryk – Walbec (Original Mix)
2 ) High Tech Soul – Meditating Mole (Simuck Mix)
3 ) Dave DK – Byway (Original Mix)
4 ) Alexander Fog – Increase (Original Mix)
5 ) Solid Soul – Never Too Much (Original Mix)
6 ) Dudley Strange – Depin (Michael Mclardy Mix)
7 ) Audiojack – Get Serious (Original Mix)
8 ) Good Guyz – Looking Back (Baraso Mix)
9 ) Skai & Chris Minus – FRAKO (Soul Minority Mix)
10 ) Todd Terry – Uncle Tech (Maya Jane Coles Mix)

As this is probably the last mix from me this year, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Kerry & Vicky at The Globe, Che at Audio Rehab, Alan and team at Digital, and everyone else who has been kind enough to have me play, or who has been there listening (and hopefully dancing!), or anyone who has taken the time to listen to any of these mixes.

This year, I’ve managed things I didn’t think possible previously, so hopefully next year will be just as good if not better.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

October Mix

Posted October 15, 2011 By Phil Conway

As a little bit of a taster of what you can expect from me in Room 2 at Digital in a few weeks time, I’ve prepared an hours worth of house goodness, which you can listen to and download for free below.

As always, comments and constructive feedback are welcome and greatly appreciated.


1 ) Cyx – Lullaby (Original Mix)
2 ) John Watt – Us (Original Mix)
3 ) Ruthit – Deep Blue (Original Mix)
4 ) Kruse & Nuernberg – About Unity (Original Mix)
5 ) Michael Mclardy – Deep Nothing (Original Mix)
6 ) Ivan Picazo – Squid Legs (Karol XVII & MB Valence Loco Mix)
7 ) Matt Fear – Nothing Stays The Same (Matico Mix)
8 ) Alex Aguilar – Try Outs (Original Mix)
9 ) Graham Laverty – Melbourne House (Original Mix)
10 )Ell-Er – If You Die (Luca De Lorso Mix)
11 )Stryke – Her Eyes Are Stars (Acid Symphony Mix)